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Updated: 06/19/2015
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Next Meeting: July 11, 2015 Bullington Gardens: Dahlia Display Garden
2016 Nat'l Show MEETING. July 25, 2015   eat at 12, meet til 4 pm.
J & S Cafeteria, Asheville Airport!
Click here for a list of retailers selling Carolinas Dahlia Society Tubers!
2014 Show Results Now Posted - Link on 2015 Show page. 
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by Allen H. & 
Carolinas Dahlia Society
VARIETY OF PROBLEMS for all members!
From Discussion at June 2015 meeting
Pitfall of growing in the mountains! This photo was sent 6/5/2015 from Buddy's house in Cashiers, NC. We've had a few bad thunderstorms in the last few days, with an assortment of weather. (Yes - that's hail.)

Emergency Care!

Hail storms! Daily rain! Deluge or Drought!
Poor Drainage! Powdery Mildew! Botrytis!
Earwigs! etc.

Advice from Experienced Members:
Pull mulch back from the plants to allow your Dahlias to dry out. 
Check your plants more often & regularly!
Use fungicides for powdery mildew & botrytis. Rotate/Alternate treatments for better control. Fungicides: BannerMax, Pagent are both available at Southern Ag in Hendersonville; Rubicon & JMS Sylet Oil are also good choices. Organic treatments are effective!
Cut out damage - don't let it affect the overall health of your plant. Trim leaves or replace plants.
If you don't know what your problem is, contact us using the buttons on this page - we can advise!
DRAINAGE is most important - Dahlias don't like their feet wet!

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