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2016 Dahlia Shows:
10/7-9/2016 -  CANCELLED. 
Georgia National Fair in Perry, GA sponsored by the Dahlia Society of Georgia & hosted by the Georgia National Fair!

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Meeting: Oct 8, 2016 - Business meeting & elections. 11:30 am, J & S Cafeteria River Ridge Shopping Center, Asheville. See Events page.
​We are also an affiliate of the American Dahlia Society ("ADS"), a non-profit organization representing 70+ independent, local Dahlia societies across North America in the U.S. and Canada. (See Favorite Links page for a link to the Mexican Dahlia Society!)

In fact, in September of 2016 we will be hosting the American Dahlia Society's 50th National Dahlia Show, in Asheville. The show / competition / exhibition is open to all. Please check out our separate website,, for details (Updated Weekly.) The last time this show was in Asheville was in 1992, at the then newly opened Pack Place! Who knows where you'll be the NEXT time it's in town!
Our members generally grow their show quality Dahlias in or near the mountains and higher elevations of North Carolina and South Carolina but we do have members from West Virginia, southwestern Virginia, eastern Tennessee, and northeastern Georgia. 

We welcome and encourage anyone with a love for Dahlia to attend a meeting or a show and experience the 18+ forms, 15 colors or color patterns, and varying sizes (from under 2 inches to over 12 inches in diameter) of our favorite flower.
The Carolinas Dahlia Society ("CDS") holds monthly meetings and an annual Dahlia Show each year in the area around Asheville, North Carolina. Our meetings and shows are open to all, exhibitors and viewers alike.

We are a member of the Southern States Dahlia Association - made up of the Dahlia Society of Alabama (centered near Birmingham); Dahlia Society of Georgia (centered near Atlanta); and the Tennessee Dahlia Society (centered near Chattanooga).