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Updated: 07/19/2015
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Renewals OVERDUE!

Next Meeting for 2016 Nat'l Show: July 25, 2015
Plan to eat at 12, meet til 4 p.m. WHERE:  J & S Cafeteria, South Asheville
across from the Asheville Airport!
Who is EXPECTED: Committee Chairs & Members
Who is INVITED: Anyone who wants to help, Any member with ideas. 
We are coming down to the wire on this project!  See Events page!
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Carolinas Dahlia Society

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Got sick flowers?     We can help!

Send us a picture or a description 
& we'll find an answer.
It's not a pretty picture, but it shows the problem really well. Chris Waits 
posted his photo on IF you know how - please thank him for us. 
New Member Pat writes that she has
Blooms already but Japanese Beetles are "frolicking amidst the paler flowers."

"DR.Ken": The problem starts in the ground in allowing the beetles to mature.  One treatment ... WE NEED MORE ROOM: Click Here for more answers.

Karen asked about feeding & Ann tries 

"Dr. Allen": Dahlias are "heavy feeders." Shortly after they come up, I start feeding with a well balanced fertilizer (usually in a liquid drench.)... Click Here for more!

Ann writes: I finally have my very own gallon of Alaska Mor Bloom! Shall I spray every 3 weeks? ...The foliage as well as the base of the plants? ... Can I mix a pesticide (Malathion) with it?

Click here for the answer

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The Carolinas Dahlia Society 
does not advocate the use
 of any particular product - 
fertilizer, pesticide, fungicide, etc.
Members use a variety of products
& methods as they see results.
WE, the SOCIETY, advise
any grower to read all instructions
& take appropriate safety precautions,
to include rubber gloves & masks.