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Updated: 11/21/14
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Location Changed to J&S Cafeteria - RiverRidge - relax - eat! No Host!
Photos (c) 2014
by Allen H. & 
Carolinas Dahlia Society

APPLE-GREEN west and an orange bar,
And the crystal eye of a lone, one star. . .
And, "Child, take the shears and cut what you will,
Frost to-night—so clear and dead-still."

Then I sally forth, half sad, half proud,
And I come to the velvet, imperial crowd,
The wine-red, the gold, the crimson, the pied, — 
The dahlias that reign by the garden-side.

The dahlias I might not touch till to-night!
A gleam of shears in the fading light,
And I gathered them all, — the splendid throng,
And in one great sheaf I bore them along.

In my garden of Life with its all-late flowers
I heed a Voice in the shrinking hours:
"Frost to-night—so clear and dead-still". . .
Half sad, half proud, my arms I fill.

FROST TO-NIGHT, Written by: Edith M. Thomas 1854–1925
Photo: French Quarter Hillside, Brevard Music Center (c) 2014, Carolinas Dahlia Society.
Photo taken about 1 pm on 10/31/2014 at Brevard Music Center,on Deb H's phone.  Allen H. & Don Z. cut the remaining good blooms yesterday due to the forecast for last night - BUT STILL THESE GUYS ARE HANGING IN THERE TIL THE LAST MINUTE!  Most have drooped heads and had been left to set seed.  Two other locations on the campus still had a few blooms as well.

(Interspersed with the Dahlias are hybrid Daylilies from the gardens of Albert & Leona Weirick, Carolinas Dahlia Society Members, of Franklin. 
Plan to do some Drive-by's on the Brevard Music Center Campus next spring and check out the beautiful setting.)
Photos to right: 
"Wyn's Fiesta", born accidentally at a lecture on Growing Dahlias in Highlands.

One of the potroots was "topped" at a Highlands' presentation 5/16/14, stuck into a dry oasis wedge & left in the car.

UPDATE! Wyn's Fiesta (this little plant) bloomed and was entered in the Alabama Show on 10/3/2014.  We're waiting for the results!