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Updated: 09/09/14
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NEW FEATURE at Bottom of this page: follow the progress of a cutting "born May 16"
Photos (c) 2014
by Allen H. & 
Carolinas Dahlia Society
In the wind your wings do shake
Spread wide against the sky
I spread my fingertips far apart
Trying to mimic the way you blossom
When the sun is out
I spread my arms out to touch the sea
My eyelids are waves
They lick the shore line
Lashes full of sand, the dream-heavy kind
Open and I see visions of the dahlias dancing
Close and there is a swallowing darkness
Flicks of light reminding me there is a 
World unknown on the other side
I flashback to nights of poetry
And it is sunrise again

(c) Lucia &, 2013-2014.  Please get written permission from the author if you wish to use this poem.
Dancing Dahlia A Poem by:  Lucia, posted to September 9, 2013
Photo: Wanda's Garden, Highlands, NC (c) 2014, Wanda C. & Carolinas Dahlia Society.
NOTE: The Garden on the upper left is NOT a Carolinas Dahlia Society member (yet!). Wanda C. is a dedicated member of the Mountain Garden Club in Highlands, NC.  She's an exuberant Dahlia grower & works hard in the Dahlia tent at their 
annual plant sale. Held the last weekend of May each year at the baseball field, CDS has partnered with them for at least 4 years.

This year she sent a photo of what was supposedly Wanda's Capella, but it's not. It doesn't appear to be Wanda's Aurora either.  Whatever it is - she's growing it beautifully!
Photos to right: 
"Wyn's Fiesta", born accidentally at a lecture on Growing Dahlias in Highlands.

One of the potroots was "topped" at a Highlands' presentation 5/16/14, stuck into a dry oasis wedge & left in the car.

Two Weeks Later: look at those roots popping out of the oasis. The cutting has now been transferred into a 4" pot with growth stimulator & potting soil, given bottom heat & lights.