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Updated: 08/05/14
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NEW FEATURE at Bottom of this page: follow the progress of a cutting "born May 16"
Photos (c) 2014
by Allen H. & 
Carolinas Dahlia Society
Dahlia, oh dahlia!  When will you bloom?
I've waited and waited and now it is June.

I planted you in the early month of May.
You pushed from the soil in only a day.

A tuber of origin, you were unknown.
On a table priced two bits, most had gone home.

I wondered what color your petals would be.
White, purple, red, yellow? I can't wait to see.

And what of the form will you show me some day?
​Formal Dec, Collarette, Incurved Cactus, I pray.

Hurry oh dahlia, my patience grows old.
So Fall's round the corner this year I was told.

(c) Isabel Garren, 2010-2014.  Please contact us if you would like to use this original poem.
IMPATIENT A Poem by:  Isabel Garren, Carolinas Dahlia Society Member 
NOTE: The tubers on the left were awakened in early April 2014, a month before the photo was taken. 
Each tall 4" square pot received about a half cup of water  - preferably from the bottom.  They were introduced to natural heat and light in an unheated greenhouse.  
These potroots were grown above
ground last year, in the pots & dirt you see here. In 2013, they were started in mid-August and brought inside after the first frost in mid-November. They were wintered over in their original pots in a minimally heated, dark basement between 40 & 50 degrees.

All have tags with Variety name & description.
Photo Below: "Wyn's Fiesta"

One of the potroots above was "topped" at a Highlands' presentation 5/16/14, stuck into a dry oasis wedge & left in the car.


Two Weeks Later: look at those roots popping out of the oasis. The cutting has now been transferred into a 4" pot with growth stimulator & potting soil, given bottom heat & lights.