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Next Meeting: May 13, 2017 The annual tuber sale will take place at the NC Arboretum near Fletcher, NC. 
Not really, but we're the only game in town, so to speak. 
So we're sure you'll want more - attend a meeting, get to know us, learn to grow DAHLIAS. 
Voted #1 Dahlia Society in the Carolinas!
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Next Meeting: October 8, 2016 - Show Awards, 
Business Meeting & Elections
J & S Cafeteria, River Ridge Shopping Center, Asheville, NC
800 Fairview Rd, in the River Ridge Shopping Center, Asheville, NC   (828) 298-1209
Plan to have lunch and be sociable before we announce the Show Awards, get down to Business and elect our next set of Officers!
Membership Renewals for 2017 are due! We'll have forms available.
2016 National Dahlia Show Hosted by CDS
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2016 Meetings - Save the Dates!
Member Renewal information

CLICK HERE for latest information on future meetings! (6/9/16 update still valid)

Member Renewals are due each year by the October business meeting, per our bylaws. This allows 
us to meet American Dahlia Society membership deadlines.

Dues are only $15/year per household (up to 2 adults). Join ADS at the same time through us and save $3 on ADS dues. Membership Form and check made out to "CDS" should be mailed to the Treasurer (address is on the form). MAKE SURE YOU USE OUR FORM not ADS' form!
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